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Friday, December 21, 2018

Album Review : Best Boys Electric - Brett Pop Affairs!

Musician : Best Boys Electric
Album : Brett Pop Affairs
Date Release : February 27th 2018
Publisher : Self-Released

Next one we got some reviews from a Germany band, Best Boys Electric. Yes its weird sometimes for finding kind of new music on bandcamp without knowing who are on the band, its like find a new friend coming from far away place.
What more suprise me is that this powerpop band comes a bit different than other cause you know they draw themself into cartoon character as seen its featured on their album cover. Well its kinda remind me of Gorrilaz somehow but it is something new for a powerpop band and probably any powerpop is rarely to this kind of thing.
They just put out an EP entitled 'Brett Pop Affairs' which is pretty good start for a band for starting doing an EP on their early career. This EP features 4 songs on it that will present you a good powerpop tunes. So when you think when you think some bands like Exploding Hearts, The Shivver, or Modernettes, I think thats what you should get your mood about as started listening to Best Boys Electric.
This EP comes out on a purple-coloured vinyl with a download coupon on the inside, so yes I can say this is a collectable stuff. The EP could be streamed and bought on their website as I will mention below. Enjoy!

Sites : 
Bandcamp - https://bestboyselectric.bandcamp.com/
Website - http://www.bestboyselectric.com/

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