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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Album Review : Big Nothing - Chris

Musician : Big Nothing
Album : Chris
Date Release : May 10th 2019
Publisher : Salinas Records

Hi again! Finally got my change for sitting on my laptop writing for another music yay! Actually back then I've been so much grateful cause arround these repeated time so much of my favourite bands on the scene releasing new music and the one that being long awaited as well is Big Nothing!

Album Review : Slingshot Dakota - Heavy Banding

Musician : Slingshot Dakota
Album : Heavy Banding
Date Release : May 24th 2019
Publisher : Community Records/Specialist Subject/Stiff Slack

This I can say is the first time for writing for one of my favourite band, Slingshot Dakota. As the stories written, ranging from year 2004 the band has so far produced 5 full lengths and by the number itself we can conclude that this band can be catagorized as a productive band. Personally the first hook up to me with the band is via the album 'Dark Hearts' that released on 2012 by Topshelf Recordings. The album contains so much personal favourites like Cassette, Disaster, etc.

Album Review : Pavid Vermin - Jump! Jive! And Fail!

Musician : Pavid Vermin
Album : Jump! Jive! And Fail!
Date Release : June 6th 2019
Publisher : Bloated Kat Records

Ok ur next album review coming from another Bloated Kat Records' roster, Pavid Vermin. Now wait a minute, did me just say Bloated Kat Records' new roster?! Probably some of you might get suprise to know that the label just put out a new stuff. That happens to me as well cause I thought the label is totally over. It is nice to know actually that one of your favourite label reviving alive again. So in case you just discovered yet about the label so yes here's a short story related for the label, Bloated Kat Records has actually known to its existence by putting out several records from various damn gewd pop punk bands and musician.

Free Streaming : Navel - Uneasy Heartache (Songs 1994-2019)

Ok the next post coming from Bloated Kat Records as well... Guess what I think this webzine totally celebrate its revival lol! And the next one is shockingly the label just put out a records by the legandary Navel! Whoa! Cant be moar suprise than this! So Navel is going for a US tour this summer and by this Bloated is about to put out the tape in support of the tour! Thankgod Bloated Kat for finally making the song available for online.

Free Streaming : Superstar Destroyer - Lim Goes To France

Next one coming from one of the most prolific pop punx human being on earth, Farhan Pratama. And this time we have one of his Korean football obesession, Superstar Destroyer. The project has just put out a single entitled 'Lim Goes To France'. Yes this one is still has a total pop punx vibes inside I can guarantee you!

Free Streaming : Strip - Sengaja

Yet we still have tons of material to show you to you lol! And this one comin from a local Tangerang band, Strip! I actually been a couple times to watch this band from any local gigs and yet this one is their debut single ever. Musically I can describe you if when bands like Thou or Envy come crushing in a fold with some Indonesian verses as its main fuel. This one is a worth listen trust me!

Anti Mtv Video : Malegoat US Tour With Algernon Cadwallader 2009

First I would like to thank to my Twitter friends that being bordered away by distances, Keegan, for letting me know this such a precious archive. Yes its a Malegoat US Tour everyone! Where the guys did a tour with the emo holy grail, Algernon Cadwallader, on 2009. Lets watch!

Anti Mtv Video : Big Nothing - Waste My Time

Ok! next videos coming from one of our favorite band, Big Nothing! The song is coming off from their debut full length that is out on Salinas Records.

Anti Mtv Video : Slingshot Dakota - Casino Night

The last of our video installment coming from Slingshot Dakota who as well just put out their newest full length via Community Records/Specialist Subject/Stiff Slack. Am so glad cause they pick up the single that get me hook up to the album, 'Casino Night'. This song is totally good believe me!