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Friday, January 11, 2019

Album Review : AK//47 - Loncati Pagar Berduri

Artist : AK//47
Album : Loncati Pagar Berduri
Date Release : December 6th 2018
Publisher : Lawless Jakarta Records/Disaster Records

Well its been awhile that I did a review for any hardcore/punk relases back, in like, years ago I guess lol! And this time yes I would like dare myself writing for any hardcore release. This time comes from a band that any local kids that would have probably recognized, AK//47. The first time I discovered this band is by looking back into my highschool years as I read a local zine that spotting intensively, on years 2000's, for youth culture and independent music named Ripple Magazine.

Tokyo Emo/Indie Act You Should Listen To, FALLS!

Probably I would love to say that this writing as a 'pitching' for a Tokyo based emo/indierock act that we all know gonna do a tour this late January to Jakarta and several southeast asia cities. 'I dont care' in any short word that could precisely describe for this lol! The first time I discover this gem is through Waterslide Records. Yes Kazu put out their first records ever on 2015! I bet that everyone would got nailed on the tunes 'In The Way Back'. Well this is the loveliest song, to me personally, as discovering their first EP entitled 'Wednesday' on Waterslide Records. And I think my first Falls' crush, 'Wednesday' EP, would be the quickest and the most critical one than any other of their releases ever put out.

Rizkan Records Update : Out Now Cubfires 'Stay Gone' EP On CD-R!

Artist : Cubfires
Album : Stay Gone EP
Price : Rp 50.000 for each & Rp 40.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

As closing out year 2018, we proudly present you a debut EP of Cubfires! Well if you haven't figured out about this band yet, Cubfires is a pop punx project initiated by one of a favourite friend of mine, Avin. I know that he's gonna write good songs and play in a band someday as I listened to his songs back in days on a small folk gig and there you go!
Cubfires will bring you a vibe of reminiscent 2000's pop punk sound under the big vein of The Get Up Kids and The Starting Line. Well... Its not too fucking late to form a pop punk band as you're stepping your life into 30's.

Tracklist :
01. An Introduction
02. Pace
03. Ruby Sparks
04. Stay Too Long Where You Don't Belong
05. Curves
06. That's All She Wrote
07. Shut The Door

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com

Free Streaming : Aspiga - When Do You Need It

OK next streaming thang comes from one of my favourite band, Aspiga! Yes I know its been godamn late to post this track cuz this one is put out by the christmas came last year lol but who cares cause Aspiga put out a damn gewd track on the 19th volume Arbor Christmas. May you enjoy the tunes!

Free Streaming : Graduation Speech - This Is A Gift

Still with another Kevin's project that being featured on Arbor Christmas compilation series and please dont laugh about it! I dont care cause Graduation Speech and Aspiga provides me good music and thats all the matters and I cant wait to hear GS' next EP on the work. HAIL KEVIN DAY!

Anti Mtv Video : itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Young American

OK the next one coming from the streaming video from a band that we just reviewed last year, itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Intersting thing is that the video visual kinda remind me of a movie named 'Searching'. You should checkout their latest full length as well cuz it sounds damn good!

Anti Mtv Video : Beeswax - Maze of Mind

Next one ur streaming video comes from the lovely Malang emo band, Beeswax. Yes they just put out a music video on the end of the year but we just able to put it out just now lol. That shows about how crappy this webzine. BTW the visual of this clip I might is a bit creepy and much darker. I dont have a good qualification for judging the visual video I guess... So anyway so yes its all yours to judge haha!

Anti Mtv Video : Fatrace - Tsubasa Got New Girlfriend

OK moving to the next video coming from ur lovely friend, Fatrace, who just put out a video clip at the end of the year as well. And this single is taken from their latest EP 'Regular Party Line'. I love those pop punk flyers stickin on bedroom and thats all the maters about this vid I guess lol!

Anti Mtv Video : HONG! - Perah Kerah

The last post coming from HONG! who just put out a music video on a very short single named 'Perah Kerah'. I guess its good to shot this one at a bakso store. I love bakso and it works really to handle your hunger on any rainy day. I think the special focus on this vid would comes to the bakso (meatball) behind the vocalist, Gary, cause bakso is much well in shaped than Gary in my opponion. Then whats yours??