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Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'm A Big Fan of Jonah Hill's Pop Punk Band, Just Friends

The first I was hooked up with Just Friends is their first full length that digitally being introduced by a friend of mine, Trian. It was kinda suprising cuz you know the band contents the same euphoria that Bomb The Music Industry! (RIP) used to carry on and further thing is they are from west coast. Yes it was all I can tell you when I first heard into their first full length ever 'Rock 2 The Rhytm' and you know seeing their live that blasted the crowd off on The Fest and VLHS. Pretty sure that the band itself owes so much things to the legendary venue.

Album Review : Wolf Girl - Every Now And Then

Musician : Wolf Girl
Album : Every Now & Then
Date Release : October 19th 2018
Publisher : Everything Sucks Music

Its probably really good to see the band that you know continue growing from the scratch, Wolf Girl is introduced by a friend of mine via his fanzine. It was 'Mama's Boy' EP, yes its the first hook that I get myself into the band. But unforntunately, on the first full length debut, We Tried, that being put out by Odd Box, its pretty much doesnt fill up my expectation. But great thing is 'Every Now And Then' has turned out the different way than the first one. Its way much better than their debut 'We Tried'.

Free Streaming : Fatrace - Radio

OK ur next stream stuff would be from Bekasi's pop punx pride, Fatrace! This single is fucking ace I tell you. This will quickly nail you out. I probably would so optimistic about the next stuffs they're gonna put out. Lets hope for the best!

Free Streaming : Irish Handcuffs - Comfort In Distraction

Next stuff is from one of ur favourite Germany orgcore act, Irish Handcuffs. Well this would be the first post ever about the band. To be simple, well you can imagine these guys have been sucessfully emulate the dopest part of Banner Pilot or Autopilot Off sound. And this one coming out from their latest EP that being put out on 7" vinyl by various labels such as Fond of Life Recordings, Shield Recordings, and Get Party! Records.

Rizkan Records Update : Out Now Linger Debut Album 'Congratulations, You're Getting Old' On Tapes

Artist : Linger
Album : Congratulations, Your're Getting Old
Price : Rp 30.000 for each & Rp 25.000 for wholesale with 5 pieces of minimum quantities (Excluding Shipping)

Yas! By this we would like to announce that we just put out a full length by one of ur favourite guy in this earth, Linger! We just put out the debut full length and you better watch out of this. Oh by the way, in case you're still being unnotice yet about the band, yes it is a moniker of solo side project of Dandy Gilang of Write The Future. He'll be more sloppy and indierocka approach this time and I bet you'll fall in love with the sound.
Put it out on tapes and not gonna provide em on digital shit cuz Fallyears has done em all over. So yes if you love me please send me some money and I can send you the tape. GREAT DEAL!

Side A :
02.Nobody's Property
03.Little Less
04.Trembling Hands
05.Caught Me Off Guard
06.I Hope You To Die (By My Side)
Side B :
03.Public Nuisance
04.Out of Reach
05.To The Ground

*Inlcuding Rizkan Newsletter Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com

Free Streaming : Iron Chic - The Oldman of Crete

Next streaming stuff coming from the loveliest band for all, Iron Chic. Well this time will be a clash of god cuz they're gonna have a split with the almighty Toys That Kill! Yas what could be the best you could ever get this year this split!

Free Streaming : Toys That Kill - The Cut Up Boy

Cuz this is a so called punk rock national event. I'm gonna make this into two posts. Yes! Two fucking posts coming from the same split that I just wrote above. Toys That Kill and Iron Chic oh well best band ever doing a split. This could be a malicious  threat for Epitaph I'm sure!

Anti Mtv Video : Jagger Holly - It Ain't Over (Til I'm Sober)

The next streaming video comin from ur favourite pop punk act, Jagger Holly! Yes this trio seems like has done a line changing (I can see the guitar player face seems different comparing to their previous clip 'Friday Night'). Well they're going to putt out the next full length entitled 'The Last of The International Playboys' on severeal good labels like Monster Zero Records, Mom's Basement Records, and Outloud Records. Cant wait to listen to it...

Anti Mtv Video : Minor Dialogue - Daydreaming, Datedreaming

Okay! Next stuff coming from one of ur favourite person in Malang. Yes its coming from Bagas solo project moniker, Minor Dialogue. This is the third part of the three-part-series music video. He promised me that this will be the last part of all the series haha...