Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Pasar Bebas : Fravd - Forms Unknown (StoneAge Records Distro Update)

Fravd - Forms Unknown
Format : Tape
Price : Rp 30.000/$3 (Not Include Shipping)
A technical death grind attack coming from Fravd with their full length 'Forms Unknown'. Wait who the hell these guys anyway ? Fravd is a side project from several guys of known bands like Maruta, Red Chords, Heikosen, etc. Well this stuff is totally blast I tell you and leave you with no fukken break to lay in every single songs! Let say when Scott Haul and Pig Distroyer going mad by the acid, that's what I could describe about Fravd itself.

For order info please dial to :
or Email at stoneagercrds4@gmail.com

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