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Interview Pra-lebaran Bersama Yuki SP Records

Abang Yuki Fujita yang punya SP Records
Yak permisah2! Jadi dalam rangka menyambut dan menggalakan hype-isme #SNKSlurp juga agar dagangan Rizkan Records laku entar, maka dengan ini kami melakukan sebuah sesi interview bersama nyang punya label SP Records yang dimana si SP Records ini pd tgl 7 bulan 7 bakal ngerilis albumnya Saturday Night Karaoke yang judulnya "Slurp!" dalam bentuk cakram padat di Jepang sokin.
Wokeh sebelumnya interview ini dilakukan dalam bahasa inggris fren, bisa lah klo kga ngerti2 dkit mah make google translate keleuz!

01.Hi Yuki! First question. How's SP Records so far? Any further plan after the Saturday Night Karaoke's "Slurp" CD release?
SP Records is my own pace. Next release will be The Connection 3rd
for the album "Labor In Love" in Japanese CD edition will be out on July-August.

02.How do you discover about Prabu and his band, Saturday Night Karaoke?
Some years ago, My friend Kazuki(The FELIX!(THE BAND) , over head kick
girl) told me about SNK. I heard their The ERGS! cover songs and
I feel so excited! All the beginning is Prabu has many Japanese pop punk friends.

03.I heard that you did sometimes manage the tour with your roster. Along the tour, any memorable experiences to be told or some shit happens on it?
No, I never been organized the tour yet. Due to my fuckin' busy job
and I don't have enough time... I would like to try to organize several bands Japanese tour in next year.

04.Could you tell me how does SP Records started? And what does "SP" means of?
I run a review site and small distro called "Superstition Park". In
2008, I noticed Germany band "Springhill" has many unreleased songs on
Myspace. I would like to put out their songs, so I started "label".
"SP" is "Superstition Park"'s abbreviation. The label's logo is a parody of a US band "Action Patrol".
I didn’t spend too much time on naming, haha!

Logonya SP Records
05.In Japan, how's pop punk/indie punk scene like? Is there always be a new band like every year?
You know, Pop Punk / Indie scene in Japan is very alive. There are
many new bands, many new onl bands, many great bands. I can't grasp all. I recomend you a new cool label "KiliKiliVilla". They put out many great release in 2015. KKV was founded by members of GINAN-BOYZ.

06.I dont know I kinda feel like pop punk could be sound well as it being sung in Japanese (As I hear some stuffs from bands like Cigaratteman, BECR, Husking Bee, etc). What do you think about that?
I have never belonged to those bands, so  I don't know well.
But I think Japanese people don't sing in Japanese bacause they're too shy. But recently, the bands sing in Japanese has been increasing!

07.Is it hard for you to divide the time for running a label and being a white-collar employee right now?
Yeah, working, family, money...There are a number of problems to run a label. but I don't want to hear any excuses to do. I'm white and blue collar employee. Management and field work.

08.Could you please recomend me a good good pop punk bands from Japan that Indonesian should hear?
AA.The Nerdy Jugheads
4-pieces Japanese Teenage Bottlerocket pop punk style. They'll put split 7" w/ Young Rochelles from Waterslide Records.
Japanese Sonic Surf City. LEGEND!
CC.Kung-Fu Girl
Newcomer. Famale Vocal with emotional guitar.
They'll put cassette tape from Miles Apart Records in July.

09.As the Saturday Night Karaoke's new album "Slurp!" emphasized on a cuisine thing called noodle. What is your Japanese noodle you mostly eat? Soba? Ramen?
I and Japanese people love Ramen! I have my own obsession on ramen, haha!

Mampus! Batal puasa lo dah!

10.So far on SP Records catalogue what is your favourite things to put up? And why?
Difficult question, I love all of my releases.
To say, it's The CRY! 12"LP. This is my first 12" release. I'm really excited when 12"s I make come to my home!

11.Any plans for you to visit Indonesia soon? Any bands you know or being favourite from Indonesia?
I don't know about Indonesia very well, I only know JKT48! haha!
Please guide me good bands/places/foods/and... girls! when I go there in the future!

12.Awkay here comes for the trivia questions. Please choose between the two things that I about to say.

AA.Simple Plan or Sum 41??
I have never heard them both.

BB.AKB48 or Spice Girls??
AKB48! "Fortune Cookie in Love" is good song.

CC.Screeching Weasel or The Queers??
Screeching Weasel!

DD.Kamen Rider or Gaban??
I have no feelings of both.

EE.CD Collecting or Vinyl Collecting??
I'm a vinyl nerd! I love coloured vinyl on limited pressing.

13.Can you suggest us what Japanese food should Indonesian give a try
My recommendation is Japanese snack food!

Mampus! Batal puasa lo dah! (1)

14.Any last words you would like to say?
Hello, Indonesia! Feel free to come to Japan, we are neighborhood!!

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